Acupspring Tea Co., Ltd, established in 2007. Located in Fujian province-- the biggest tea province in China.
Main engaged in tea glowing and manufacturing. We have tea farm about 800 acres, and two plant-one located in Fuan City,
another located in Wuyi Shang City. Can supply more than 300 ton tea per year. We strictly carry out HACCP system to
control quality, adopting special technology, from incoming inspection to process and finished product inspection, carefully check each step.

To this days, we can supply more than 100 different sorts teas. Such as Black Tea,White Tea,Oolong,Flavored Tea,Green Tea,Puer,Flower&herbal tea.

Our products can meet FDA, Eu standard,QS standard etc.
Directly from factory to your cup, we supply nice products at good prices.
Enjoy Acupspring Tea,Enjoy your life.

Our factory supply wholesale or destribution,for bulk prices, please kindly contact us.
Phone / Whatsapp: +86 133 0503 9900

Drop shipping:
We supply Drop Shipping Services. After sending the goods, we will supply track number,each order can be traced on post web. For more details,please contact us.